Ideas To Improve Your Small Front Yard

There are many ways to improve your small front yard without uprooting your driveway or dialing back your front porch. In fact, with the right touches, small front yards can be just as appealing as large ones. Here are some ideas to make your small yard appealing year round:

#1 Take a symmetrical approach.

One way to make your small front yard more appealing is to use symmetry. Balancing the elements of your yard on either side of your sidewalk — grass, fencing, flowers, shrubs — will make it look grand and inviting; it will also cost less than it would in a larger yard, because you have less acreage to cover. You can also find a local landscaperto map out and implement a symmetrical yard plan for you.

#2 Make a seamless transition from yard to house.

Use materials like box planters, stone steps or retaining walls to blend your home and yard together. Potted plants on your front porch or patio will also extend the yard without cluttering it. Make sure you choose plants that complement one another, so you don’t have a lot of overgrowth.

#3 Use a hint of color.

If you want to wow people in your small front yard, pick a brightly colored flower, shrub or tree that stands out either on the porch or in the yard itself. Then use neutral colors around to make it stand out. This will be the eye-catching piece in your small yard that people will never miss.

#4 Hang basket flowers.

Hang flower baskets around your front porch or patio. They add fresh color and a natural element to your home without cluttering the porch area itself. You can change them every season or every year, depending on the flowers or shrubs you choose.

#5 Light it up.

Your front yard might be less appealing if people see it at night. That’s why you should add plenty of lighting. One option is to install standing, solar-powered lamps along the walkway; another is to hang lamps on your front porch to illuminate the plants there. It just depends on how much moneyand time you want to invest.

#6 Refresh your front door.

While not a traditional part of the “yard”, your front porch is still important to the beauty of the area as a whole. This means your front door needs to be appealing as well. Fix any cracks, scratches or other damage to the door. Also, think about revitalizing it with a new coat of paint. Choose a color that complements the exterior landscape.


These are only a few tips to help you improve your small front yard. You want to make it seem bigger, if not at least more comfortable. Adding a fence might be another option to consider, though you’ll want to lean towards an open design pattern like picket or chain link. Just keep your budget in mind and try not to clutter your yard while trying to redesign it. For more tips on making the most of a patio in a small yard, check out this post from HuffPost Homes.


7 Garden Trends for 2016

7 Garden Trends That Will Be Huge in 2016

low maintenance plant list

Low-maintenance plants

Showy landscaping is out. Breezy flower beds are in. Skip the high-maintenance turf grass in favor of low-key (and more sustainable) perennials like yarrow, hibiscus or lavender, which are able to survive with less watering.

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Edible gardens

The farm-to-table trend is headed straight to your home. Start small with herbs like parsley or mint (hello, mojitos!), or go all in with local fruits and vegetables.

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Cozy seating

Thanks to upgrades in fabric and design, outdoor seating (think rattan and wicker) is more durable–and prettier–than ever. Add some decorative throws or pillows in a similar color scheme to create a calming vibe.

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Vertical gardens

Small space? Take your gardens upward–more specifically, plant in hanging pots or set a bunch of containers on a ladder to snazz up your patio or balcony without taking up too much real estate.


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She sheds

Also known as a playhouse for grown women, this is perhaps our favorite trend of them all. Update your rickety old tool shed with a fresh coat of paint, ambient lighting and cozy seating so you can escape to your backyard for a little TLC (ahem, glass of wine) whenever you need to recharge.

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Patterned outdoor rugs

Plush new lounge chairs, check. Charming vegetable garden, check. Pitcher of sangria, check. If it still feels like something is lacking from your sitting area, try adding a colorful rug to the space. It will make the exterior of your home just as inviting as the inside.

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Pantone florals

Spruce up your patio with some fresh florals in one (or both) of this year’s two dreamy hues: rose quartz (a blush pink) and serenity (a calming blue). From tea roses and peonies to periwinkles and delphiniums, the options are endless. Bonus points for matching planters.